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Chocolate face scrub 50ml all skin types accept sensitive and oily skins

Yellow Rose

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Description: Special exfoliating face scrub gel with Cacao ingredients.

Effectively cleanses the skin, removes dead skin cells and impurities without irritating the skin. Leaves the skin clean, soft and smooth. Prepares also the skin to receive the active ingredients of the Yellow Rose Chocolate Face Treatment products.

Not appropriate for oily problematic skins.

Recommended for: All skin types accept oily  and couperose skins

Use: 1-3 times per week according to skin type. Apply with gentle upward movements over face and neck avoiding the eye-contour area. Leave on a thin layer for about 2 minutes. Continue by massaging gently using circular-upward movements for about 2 minutes. Cleanse any remainders and tone the skin by using the appropriate Yellow Rose lotion.Avoid use on irritated and/or couperose skin.Can be effectively combined with the other Yellow Rose Chocolate Face Treatment products.

Main Ingredients: Exfoliating granules. Fine granules that help exfoliate effectively the epidermis, removing dead cells and impurities. Cacao extract. Extract from Theobroma cacao beans with a high content of polyphenols (strong anti-oxidants), Caffeine and Theobromine with toning and firming properties, Vitamins and Proteins.Cacao butter. It is extracted from cacao seeds (Theobroma cacao beans) and has been used to keep skin soft and supple for centuries. It is one of the most stable, highly concentrated natural fats known. Cacao butter also helps retain the moisture level of the epidermis while it creates a natural barrier between sensitive skin and the environment.Jojoba oil. A natural liquid wax closely resembling human sebum. Emollient and moisturizer soothes and treats damaged skin, leaving a non-greasy after-feel.Chamomile oil. Used for its skin conditioning, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.Allantoin. Nourishing, soothing and healing factor. Helps restore damaged skin and has anti-inflammatory properties.

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